Alternative Music Blog

A collection of articles, reviews (my own thoughts and opinions, but I never write a negative review), interviews (local to NYC/Brooklyn in support of my own community), and shorter, more frequent blog-style posts.

I review and recommend albums, records, books, documentaries, and more, all relating to alternative music. New and old are mixed in harmoniously, because I believe good music never ages.

I’ll even give a few music theory lessons for those who are adventurous enough to take a deep dive and look at what really makes music so cool.

*A word on “alternative” music: I love and adore alternative rock and will focus mainly on that genre. However, I’ve found myself caught up in affairs with other genres over the years, so for the purpose of this blog, if it falls outside of the current mainstream, I hereby declare it Alternative Music.*


Latest from the Blog

Part Two: Concert Review: Bob Mould Band at Webster Hall, New York, NY

Nearly two weeks after I won the oddest radio competition ever (see Part One: Someone Mooned Me From a Car Window – 15 Years Later That Asshole Did Me a Favor), I arrived at Webster Hall and wound my way up to the opulent and carnivalesque ballroom at the top of a grand staircase. The […]

World Suicide Prevention Day: Three Important Resources for the Music Community

In observance of World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, 2021, I’d like to share three channels offering hope and advice from inside the music community. Suicide is a dark subject, and yet in the music industry it often feels all too common. The litany of names is long, from Darby to Chester and Kurt […]